For the Love of a Chair

Have you ever looked at a raggedy old chair and thought, “Wow…if only I could get my hands on that, imagine what it could become!”

Such is what happened when I stumbled upon this beauty in the back of a workroom. The curves and details simply struck me. I went home and dreamt about the chair at night. I felt it was calling me to rescue it from its run-down and dilapidated state.

So I returned to the workroom, purchased the chair, and then found this amazing Asian fretwork fabric in my favorite chartreuse green. My upholsterer stripped the horrid orange fabric, restored the wood frame, and upholstered this chair back to beauty.  

Since doing this for myself, I have re-furbished other such pieces for clients. And I look forward to nursing sick chairs back to health for years to come!


Alicia          Alicia Friedmann Interior Design

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